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About Me

My name is Ronald Wolenski. This is about me.

I was born on July 13, 1956 in the city of Euclid, Ohio, a suburb just east of Cleveland Ohio. I grew up there, attended Euclid Sr High school. After high school I attended Lakeland Community College for a short time, going for my Electronic Engineering degree, which I never achieved. I have worked in machine shops, had my own photography studio, doing weddings and portrait photography. I did get an Associate Degree in Computer Science, and now work in the IT field, having been a system administrator, network admin, consultant and now Technical Support Engineer for a software company. In 2005 I moved to Washington state, living with my soon to be wife, Sylvia, as well as our cats, Larry and Curly. Washington state is a nice place to live, not too hot, not too cold and hardly ever snows, which is fine by me, after putting up with the snows every winter in Ohio. Except when it does snow no one knows how to drive in it and no one knows how to clear the streets. I also enjoy photography and video recording. I'm going to try and get some more photos uploaded as well as videos. Might even get a travel trailer and start doing some traveling together with my lovely wife.

I also play guitar, started playing in my teens but then neglected playing after having a family, work, life. Started picking it back up again. I have a Epiphone Dot semi hollow body and a Epiphone acoustic. As well as computers being one of my hobbies, I am also a amateur radio operator, otherwise known as a "ham". Amateur radio is a noncommercial, licensed system of communication, and is as old as the medium of radio itself. Ham radio is a hobby to most participants, but hams are best known for the emergency communications they provide during disasters. Hams are licensed by their government to communicate both domestically and internationally on a wide variety of radio bands.

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